Keep the kitchen clean and form a healthy life

Keep the kitchen clean and form a healthy life

Did you know that while the refrigerator keeps food fresh, it may also hide bacteria and viruses? The refrigerators of most households are packed full, and fresh fruits and vegetables, cooked vegetables leftovers are piled together, which not only easily causes cross-infection of raw and cooked food, but also breeds peculiar smell and bacteria.


Maybe you already know the following tips to make your refrigerator fresh and tasteless

Use orange peel

When you buy oranges, grapefruits and other fruits, don't throw away the peel after eating. Just put them in the refrigerator to help remove the odor of the refrigerator, so that the refrigerator will leave a faint orange peel fragrance.

Use soda vinegar to deodorize

Take 500 grams of baking soda and put them in two wide-mouth glass bottles (open the caps) and place them on the upper and lower layers of the refrigerator. Then pour some vinegar into the open glass bottle and put it in the refrigerator.

Tea deodorization

Put 50 grams of tea in a gauze bag and put it in the refrigerator. Because of the tea's ability to absorb the taste, the unpleasant smell in the refrigerator can be removed on the same day. Take out the tea leaves every month, and then put them in the bag to continue using.

Place the refrigerator deodorant

Putting refrigerator deodorant in the refrigerator is a more efficient and safe method. What is worth recommending is morei's refrigerator deodorant, which is rich in natural coconut shell activated carbon and has a well-developed microporous structure, which can deodorize and purify more thoroughly. At the same time, it is a tea polyphenol extracted from high mountain green tea, which releases a light green tea fragrance and keeps your refrigerator fresh and clean for 2-3 months.


When cleaning the refrigerator in the kitchen, do you still remember those places that bothered you during the cleaning process? I will think of the problem of clogged sinks with food residues, low water flow from the kitchen faucet and clogged sewers.

Are you paying the price of a repairman to solve this problem because the sewer is blocked?

In fact, this is a very easy problem to solve: use a drain pipe decontamination stick

The drain pipe decontamination stick concentrates the active agent formula into a small stick, which accelerates the dissolution of dirt, allows the dirt to be washed away with the flow of water, reduces odors, and unclogs the pipeline. Just put a small stick into your water pipe, the smell of the kitchen will be reduced a lot, as time goes by, it will also help you dissolve the food residue and prevent the sewer from clogging.