The kitchen is the heart of the home and arguably the hardest room in the house to keep clean, but don’t fear, these kitchen tips and tricks will keep you on top of things to ensure every day runs smoothly.


  1. Make your own chemical-free cleaning solutions

Fresh lemon and rock salt are the perfect combination for cleaning chopping boards.

Dry baking soda will make your chrome appliances shine, without chemicals.

Equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle, with a few drops of essential oils will make the perfect all-purpose cleaner. Ideal for kitchen tiles, surfaces and floors.

  1. Choose your kitchen cleaning products wisely

Sponges can hold and spread germs to other parts of the kitchen, so have different coloured cloths for each section of the kitchen to avoid cross-contamination. Alternatively, use antibacterial wipes and throw them away after use.

Microfibre cloths are perfect for picking up dirt and grime due to their structure, these cloths can go in the washing machine so you can use them again and again.

The Morei Kitchen Clean set has become popular across social media recently, each product is treated with a long testing it's Cleaning ability, making it the perfect kitchen cleaning tool.

  1. Be efficient and save time

Before you start cleaning your kitchen, consider tidying the area. Put everything in its rightful place and clear away anything that does not belong in the kitchen; shoes, dogs, that pile of letters on the side (everyone has one!).

Use the timer on your phone, smart watch or smart speaker to set a timer for each kitchen area. For example, 15 minutes on the tiles, 10 minutes on the floor, 5 minutes on the sink.

Invest in a kitchen caddy to keep all your essential products, cloths, rubber gloves and bin bags in.

  1. Get everyone involved with the kitchen clean

If your kitchen cleaning is hard to keep on top of then chances are, you have a big family, so why not get them involved? If you have children, challenge them to clean a specific kitchen area in a specific time, the best clean in the quickest time wins a prize.

Create a kitchen cleaning playlist, turn the music up high and make cleaning the kitchen a fun family bonding experience.

  1. Keep on top of kitchen cleaning daily

Run a sink of hot soapy water before cooking so you can wash utensils as you go, taking the stress out of cooking and you won’t be left with a pile of dirty dishes.

Clean up spillages when they occur to avoid the need for a deep clean.

Once every week, ideally on food shopping day, remove all the food from your fridge and wipe down the shelves with an antibacterial cleaner. When putting the food back, check expiration dates and use any food that is due to go out of date.

Prevent grime building up on the bottom of your oven by placing an old oven tray on the bottom shelf to catch any spills.