We're On A Mission To Change The World.

We all know that 700 million plastic laundry jugs end up in our landfills and oceans every year! We had to find a better way for our planet’s future.The solution is to stop using plastic containers! We dedicate ourselves to empower change through meaningful products that help reduce waste.

      We're all about one thing:            developing genuine solutions to plastic pollution  

So that you can live simply, sustainably, and in greater harmony with our planet We're Creating hyperefficient, nontoxic, biodegradable cleaners 

MOREi Comes In an earth friendly cardboard Package instead of a wasteful plastic jug!

Cardboard is much more carbon-neutral shipments and biodegradable formulas than plastic.To reduce waste, we make laundry detergent into strip-shaped packaging easily takes it anywhere without worrying about measuring. whilst saving our clients time and money (and space in their laundry room!) 

 What We Grow
And Move Forward 


It's not just about telling the truth, it's also being who you are. Our genuine concern towards our planet fuels our passion to save it.


Community Our team and our customers are driven by a shared belief - to make an impact on the environment.

Small Acts Matter

We strongly believe that every little decision impacts our ecosystem.


Individuality is powerful when valued the right way. We make sure that our team members and consumers feel their worth in what we do, everyday.

Planet Before Profit

We use our business as a force for good; our profit for environmental regeneration causes. We do this because we care.

Accessibility & Inclusivity

From our team to our customers, we want everyone to become a part of the MOREi family. Now everyone can be an eco-hero!

All Deeply Rooted
       On A Common Goal

MOREi is driven to provide a better option to reduce plastic waste for we are the stewards of a better tomorrow.

44 LBS

of plastic Per Year

That's how munch you can eliminate by making the switch to MOREi™

We know that it isn’t easy being green, especially with traditional household cleaning products that are packaged with plastics and contain a large number of chemicals and other substances, which are harmful to the environment. But when we come together magic happens, walls tumble. Everyone on our team is rooted in these contagiously awesome core values. It's not just about telling the truth, it's also about being who you are. 

Buy One,
Give Ten

For every ONE package of MOREi you buy, we donate TEN loads of laundry
detergent to somewhere in need! You choose where to make a difference!


Grey Water & Septic safe


Recyclable Packing

Oh, and you're fully protected by our morei 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
If for any reason you're not satisfied with our product simply email us at "" and we will issue a refund.

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