Powerful Cleaning Products

Are you worrying about floor cleaning?
Are there too many stains on your floor that are difficult to remove.
Are you paying for the waste of resources and clutter caused by too heavy floor cleaning fluid?
Don't worry MOREI has prepared a variety of stain removal tools for you.

MOREi Multi Effect Floor Cleaner

Water-Soluble Cleaning Sheet: Concentrated cleaning sheet will quickly dissolve upon contact with water and is immediately ready for your cleanup job.
Deep Cleaning: It reaches into deep surfaces and removes built-up dirt, grease, footprints & sticky messes.
Safe to Use: Made with a safe formula that is harmless to pets and babies.
Surfactant, Bioenzyme, Fungicide, Fragrance Essential.


Large cloth surface, labor-saving and trouble-free, durable and affordable.

3 boxes of MOREi Floor Cleaning Sheets

Removes the toughest dirt, food, grease and grime.
No more messy liquid cleaner.
Good for both your floor and environment.
No residue, just mop once.
1-3 day FREE carbon neutral shipping. ⁣

MOREi's Cleaning Products