How to Do Laundry in 7 Easy Steps

How to Do Laundry in 7 Easy Steps

Learning how to do laundry is not difficult. Today’s fabrics, detergents, and machines take most of the mystery and mistakes out of the process. Follow these 10 basic steps for washable clothes and you'll have clean laundry to wear and use tomorrow.

1.Read the Labels

Check the care labels on your garments and linens. They will tell you whether or not an item can be machine washed. Also, every type of fabric has properties that determine how it reacts to heat, water, and cleaning solvents。

Place all clothes that are labeled “wash separately” or “hand wash” into separate piles. If the label says, “dry clean only,” believe it and place it in a bag to take to the dry cleaner.


Start by sorting the laundry by color:

Whites, pastels, light grays, and white background prints will go in one pile.

Deep colored clothes—black, red, navy, brown, dark gray—go in another pile.

Heavily soiled clothes should be washed separately.

sorting clothing into lights and darks

3.Pick a Detergent

Select MOREi concentrated laundry sheets. Gentle Enough for Even the Most Sensitive Skin Not only are MOREi laundry sheets incredibly convenient, we pride ourselves on safety and health. MOREi laundry sheets are vegan friendly and Paraben-free and are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.


Here are just a few of the product certifications:



3.Free of added dyes

4.Free of chlorine bleach

Ingredients: Surfactant, water-softening agent, Sapindus Mukurossi Extract, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil Extract, Bioenzyme, Fragrance, Fungicide, Deionized water

And how to use it?

STEP1 Remove sheet

STEP2 Place sheet In Washer

STEP3 Add Clothes

Directions for use:

1 strip: Small-Medium Load

2 strips: Medium-Large Load

4.Pick a Water Temperature and Cycle

Unless your clothing is caked with dirt and heavily stained, washing in cold water will serve your needs and prevent most laundry disasters.MOREi concentrated laundry sheets will quickly melt into the water.

The exception is cotton underwear and bedsheets that need hot water to remove body oil. Bed linens and towels need to be washed at the highest recommended temperature at least every other wash to sanitize them.

5.Final Check

Take a bit of time to double-check everything before you load the washer. This will save you from any last-minute mistakes.

Also, check that all pockets are empty—no tissues or paper, either—to prevent disasters. Remove any accessories such as belts and jewelry. Close all zippers, VELCRO, and buttons to prevent them from catching the fabrics.

6.Load the Washer

Load items into the washer one at a time, making sure they are not in a wad. Do not cram the washer too full. The clothes need room to move about in the water.


7.loading the dryer

Hang or Fold and Store

As soon as your clothes are dry, you'll want to take care of them right away. Hang or fold each piece as it comes out of the dryer to prevent wrinkling. And, of course, iron if you must. As soon as possible, return clothes and linens to the proper closet or drawer.