How to clean a washing machine?

How to clean a washing machine?

Do you know how dirty the washing machine is?Shanghai Disease Control agency have sampled 128 washing machines that have been used for more than half a year.The results showed:mildew 60.2%、bacteria 81.3%、Total coliform 100%


If your washing machine is smelling worse than your sweaty workout shirt, it’s time to give it a good cleaning. Yes, even washing machines get dirty, so it's helpful to know how to clean washing machines.

How to Clean a Washing Machine Drum

1.Use the highest, hottest setting, and fill the drum.

2.Add 4 cups of white vinegar.

3.Allow it to soak for an hour then start the cycle.

4.Once the cycle completes, add a cup of baking soda.

5.Start a new cycle.

6.Wipe out the drum with a microfiber cloth.

The above is the traditional cleaning method. Do you think it is troublesome to clean the washing machine like this? Let me teach you one trick in one step.

MOREI washing machine bubble cleaner

MOREI washing machine bubble cleaner,The active oxygen formula is used to deeply dissolve the stubborn dirt in the washing machine tank.Contains antibacterial ingredients such as biological enzymes, 99% antibacterial rate.

It removes peculiar and musty odors while decontamination effectively, and the clothes will be fresh and smell good after washing.

Plant formula:Phosphorus-free, non-corrosive, does not damage the inner tub and clothes of the washing machine, environmentally friendly and healthier

How to use MOREI washing machine bubble cleaner ?

1.Take a washing machine bubble cleaner into the washing machine barrel

2.Add 40°C-60°C hot water and run for about 10 minutes

3.Turn off the power, soak for two hours, the longer the soaking time, the better the effect

4.Follow the standard washing mode of the washing machine to clean it again with clean water

5.The drum washing machine is placed directly in the washing machine barrel, please do not put it in the washing machine box

For the first use, it is recommended that the soaking time can be appropriately extended

Does it look simple,Give the washing machine a bath!!