What ingredients does the magic scouring stick contain


Oxidizing Bleach

An-Ionic Surfactant


Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid

Disodium Salt

Potassium Citrate

A few steps to restore your clothes clean

STEP1 Wipe off excess stains with paper towels.

STEP2 Place a piece of complimentary paper at the bottom of the fabric to prevent penetration

STEP3 Press lightly with the pen tip to squeeze out the liquid, and then apply back and forth on the stain

STEP4 Rotate and unscrew the nib, use the brush inside to clean up difficult-to-clean stains

STEP5 After cleaning, wipe clean with a wet paper towel

What about MOREi magic scouring stick

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TRAVEL-FRIENDLY STAIN REMOVER FOR ALL WASHABLES: Our solid stain remover stick is not only having a strong cleaning power to remove stain from wine, coffee, grease oil, blood, fruit juices, food sauce, grass soil, ink, cosmetics, etc., but also easy to carry around, wherever you go either traveling, office or at home. It has the highest formula that can penetrate deeply into clothing fibers to help break apart stains on colored and whites clothing.