Safe formula

Water-Soluble Cleaning Sheet: Concentrated cleaning sheet will quickly dissolves upon contact with water and is immediately ready for your cleanup job.
Deep Cleaning: It reaches into deep surfaces and removes built-up dirt, grease, footprints & sticky messes.
Safe to Use: Made with safe formula which is harmless to pets and babies.
Ingredients: Surfactant, Bioenzyme, Fungicide, Fragrance Essential Oils

Easy to use

STEP 1 Take the cleaning tablet and dissolve it in water for use. You can choose the cleaning tablet according to the cleanliness of scrubbing the floor (it is recommended to put one cleaning tablet every 3 liters of water)

STEP 2 After dissolving, you can mop the floor. If the stain is serious, you can increase the dosage according to the situation

(Clean according to normal cleaning habits, no need to wash again, and the floor can be air-dried naturally.)

I believe that many people have encountered this kind of problem in their homes, and their beloved floors will be covered with stains if they are not washed for a long time.

Over time, stains accumulate, bacteria grow, dim, and it becomes more difficult to clean up over time. What can we do?

The floor cleaning sheets dissolve in water to become the perfect cleaning agent to clean dirty floors. Safe to use and dries fast. Remove stains on the floor with up to a 99.9% antibacterial rate. Do not cause damage to floors.

It has a wide range of applications, and can be used for a variety of material floors, solid wood, composite, bamboo and wood floors, ceramic tile floor tiles, marble, terrazzo, rubber sheets, agate stone, etc.

A little expert in cleaning floor stains, make your home lasting clean, peace of mind and dust-free, this floor cleaning sheet is worth having!